Temperaments and relationship

Problems in your relationship? Difficulties on your work? Need help with bringing up your child?

  • Do you have problems in your relationship because you do not understand the behavior of your partner?
  • You’re regularly in the clinch with a colleague?
  • Is raising your child heavy because you don’t know how to deal with his/her behavior?

I would like to help you solve your problem! I’m going to explain to you how you can understand  your partner, your colleague and/or your child better.

When you have problems with your partner you are often inclined to focus on for example the feud itself. The consequence is that you actually try to fix only the altercation. But how the feud came about, you don’t know.

When you deepen how you are yourself and your partner (or your colleague and/or your child), then you understand where quarrels and misunderstandings come from.

One of the simplest ways is to know and recognize the temperaments. When you know the temperaments, then you know why someone has a particular behavior (character) – how it is that people react differently to the same situation.

By knowing and recognizing the temperaments you will discover that the behavior of yourself and of others is not so incomprehensible. In fact, occasionally you even can predict behavior.

At the word “temperament” many will think of “temperamental”. The word “temperament”, however, goes much further. Everyone has temperament.

What is the difference between temperament and character?

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