After one night I understand you

This is the title of my book about temperaments. This booklet was created after years of observing my own behavior and that of others. The original is written in Dutch. The ebook is soon available in English.

In my book and on this site I will try to explain the different temperaments.

Our temperament, our nature, we can’t hide. You always see it in a person’s behavior. As the elements of fire, air, earth and water differ from each other, so the four temperaments also differ.

It is no wonder that someone with “fire” in itself, will react very different than someone with “water” as element.

I want to teach you how to recognize the temperament of yourself and the temperament of your partner, your child or your colleague. When you know your own temperament and the temperament of others, your communication will be much better! Your relationship with them as well.