In your element with your temperament

In the first place you have to know who you are. That starts with awareness. How aware are you of your behavior, your feelings and your thinking? Only then you can find out what really suits you.

With knowing and recognizing temperaments you put a first step in the awareness of who you really are.

As you can read on this site and in the book, the temperaments can be traced to the elements in nature, like fire, air, earth and water.

Everyone has temperament

You, me, we all have a temperament.

Your temperament keeps your whole life in you. On your temperament you build your character. Your character changes maybe, your temperament does never change. You will have to deal with it your whole life.

That is why it is so important that you know and recognize that temperament in you. You’ll know right away what your strengths are and your¬†suffer from certain properties.

Usually we have the properties of multiple temperaments in us. Yet there is often one temperament what most stands out. At me it is the phlegmatic temperament. This temperament is connected to the element water.

Since I have clarity about my nature, my temperament, I can also gauge how I come across to others. Also I understand the behavior of the people around me much better, by the recognition of their temperament. So is dealing and communicating with others a challenge; so I am in my element with my temperament!